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Our Curriculum

We believe that children learn best when their fundamental desire for play is balanced with their innate need for structure. Children learn at different paces and have their own unique ways of gathering information from their surroundings. We balance free exploration with teacher-directed group activities that address all areas of a child’s development: social-emotional, cognitive, physical, language, literacy, creative, and self-help skills.

To teach children across all of these developmental domains, we use Frog Street. Frog Street is a comprehensive, research-based, bilingual curriculum that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. Frog Street features a strong social-emotional component that builds caring school families and creates a positive learning environment using Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline® 

In addition to Frog Street, we are also implementing a new social emotional curriculum to the classrooms. Emotions are complex and difficult to explain – even for grown-ups! This curriculum is the perfect helping hand in explaining basic emotions. The Little SPOT of Emotion books teach us about happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, love, confidence, peacefulness and a mix of it all through a little scribble. This SEL curriculum makes teaching emotions easy and learning about emotions fun for children. We are very excited to incorporate more therapeutic techniques and programs into each day the children are learning here at CDRC! 

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Daily routine

Each aspect of the day is carefully planned to meet the needs of the children and reinforce the key learning experiences. A consistent daily routine has many benefits, it:

  • Allows children to feel secure

  • Help children understand expectations.

  • Help reduce behavior problems.

  • Can result in higher rates of child engagement.

group activities

Throughout the day we have teacher facilitated group activity times where both small and large groups of children work on developmentally appropriate lesson plans which allow children to creatively explore important learning concepts, some highlights include:

  • Language and literacy skills 

  • Number and math concepts

  • Music and movement

  • Art

  • Science and nature

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Sensory play


Free exploration

Our schedule allows for plenty of free play which allows children the freedom to explore, create, and discover the world around them on their own terms. Free play is vital to healthy brain development and has many benefits including:

  • Encourages creativity and imagination

  • Helps build confidence

  • Promotes social skills 

  • Helps problem-solving abilities 

  • Boots physical development

Outdoor fun

Each classroom is scheduled with plenty of time to explore the outside environment. Our yards have ample space for children to explore their natural environment, test their physical limits, and enjoy getting messy! Children also get the chance to explore the surrounding areas by taking walks to nearby neighborhoods, parks, and the beautiful Terrace Hill.

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