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Parent Testimonials

My son has always been a bit of a sensitive guy and we were anxious about him starting at a new school. It's only been a few weeks and he loves it so much. He comes home singing the songs he's learned and telling us about his friends in class and the toys on the playground. Becoming a big brother two months ago has been such a hard transition for him, and school seems to be giving him the structure and social outlet he needs. You're all doing amazing work. Thank you so much and God bless you.

- Rachel

This program is incredibly important to me. I know that if I can’t give my child a nutritious meal, she will get it the next day. I know I have a clean and safe place for my child to go all day long. I also know I have a judgment-free place to bring my child. What I don't know is where I would be today without the resources and childcare provided by CDRC. I love their low-ratios, food program, and all the cool therapeutic services. CDRC and its resources are critical to our community.

- Emily

CDRC gave my children the stability when I was unable to and helped me become a better parent. I love that I am able to ask questions and get resources through the program as well as how my children receive the therapy they need at school without disrupting their day or having to take time off of work. Because of these programs and because of the non-judgemental and home-like setting, I’ve spent the last year and a half volunteering on my day off to give back to this school.

- Cyndi

I am very grateful to CDRC and all that the staff does for our children. All the resources they have provided for our children and us parents has been a huge blessing.

- Gwendolyn

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