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Read below to learn more about the different therapies we offer for children and their families.

The primary purpose of play therapy sessions is to provide individual time and attention and to facilitate communication with each child. Our specially equipped play therapy rooms provide a space where the child can feel free to communicate through play their feelings, safety issues, and social conflicts. The therapist facilitates communication to the child through the play medium an image of the child’s worth, appropriate social interactions, and self-survival skills. The atmosphere encourages trust and helps the non-disclosing child toward disclosure when appropriate. The program helps the child build a positive image of self, the world, and his/her own family. The program counteracts the message often given to children who can not yet understand the complex relationships in the world, “don’t feel, don’t trust, and don’t talk.”

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided for children, teens, and adults who are able to verbally communicate their thoughts and feelings. Sessions can include one or more people in the family, and decisions are made about the course of treatment throughout the time seen with the client on an ongoing basis.


Our therapeutic rehab program offers in-class support to the child in efforts to further promote prosocial skills, expressing feelings and emotions in an appropriate manner, as well as helping the child work toward independent self-regulation. Our Rehabilitation Specialist works with children one-on-one and assists them in individualized intervention within their classroom environment. Under the supervision of our Clinical Supervisor and in collaboration with our therapist on staff and classroom team, our Rehabilitation Specialist is responsible for assisting teachers with the implementation of effective academic, behavior management, and social-emotional skill development for assigned students.

*Children who receive rehabilitation must be an existing therapy client.

Social Groups

Our social skills groups promote prosocial behaviors and interactions with peers as well as offer a safe environment to learn appropriate ways to express and identify emotions and self-regulation techniques. These groups are led by our therapy department The group will emphasize interpersonal skills that will include discussing feelings, sharing ideas, and practicing new behaviors.

Play Therapy

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